Genre - Death/Thrash

    Location - Hampton Roads, VA

    Members - 

    Steve Harris - Vocals 
    Steve Redmond - Guitar
    Zach Garvin - Guitar 
    Justin Shaw - Bass 
    Jeremy Bradley - Drums


    The Day of the Beast is a band that can be, at times, difficult to define. A 5 piece death metal band with strong thrash roots, TDotB also incorporates elements of black metal into their sound, and it's rather surprising how melodic they can be, given the trash element of their music. Of course, this simply speaks to the immense talent this band possesses. Sharp, ripping riffs cut through the listener like a gore-encrusted machete, and the drums and bass combine together to bring forth a frantic and brutal pulse that threatens to blow your eardrums out. The vocals are absolutely sickening, and I've actually begun to wonder if the singer has had his throat mutilated by some horrifying accident in the past. Altogether a great band, no matter how you choose to categorize them, TDotB is a group I'd recommend to anyone in the metal scene.

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